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Miss Gay Universe - Ms. Angola 2011 Question and Answer

A question from Ms. Lea Salonga...
"if you could change one of your personal characteristics, which one would it be and why?!"


MS. Angola answered -- "ashnohon mni sa oka uie.. aw oks kawabs ashnu ako igahot, ahmmm inik na ngal. Waki na ngal gahot diha. Shodi ngal a olark, id mana alis katubas.. waki na alahab ashnuhon sa omi, yeko ar? Oka na katching sa omi ha, gahoti lang ahid, kay if ma anyar si oks, angutch atch sa dada, katobas waks?!

Thank you muchos! Gracias BRAZIL!!

hahaha ikaw na jud rayna ANGOLA..

Anyhow, here's a very cute treat for you all.

After his video of impersonating Venus Raj last Miss Universe 2010, TheFierceDoll from Youtube again made another video acting like Leila Lopes during the Question and Answer  in top 5 finalists, Miss Universe 2011.

TheFierceDoll as Miss Angola Leila Lopes.
VIDEO below:


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