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Mga Batang Bading: Impromptu Pageant sa Labasan

Namiss nyo ba ang mga batang toh? Super sakit tiyan ko sa katatawa dito... LoL

Uploaded by emdangla on Jan 27, 2012 on

The story as per emdangla: "My cousin went to our apartment to have some games installed and have some music, photos and videos transferred to her phone. He left her phone with me. Of course, it couldn't be avoided for me to actually see the photos and videos with it-- pictures and videos of my nieces. They're all still babies, young and cute. And I love them. However, I saw this one video that I thought could be related to my nieces as well. Voila! I found myself amused to these gay kids. They could crack jokes in no time. I believe it's all impromptu. I am amazed how fast they could think and make people entertained. I personally do not know who these kids are. I think they are some neighbors of my cousin(s), or maybe some talented and happy kids who approached my cousin(s) to have them entertained."


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